Seven steps can be enough to be successful in business !!

 Seven steps can be enough to be successful in business !!

Seven steps can be enough to be successful in business !!

What does it mean to be an entrepreneur? A entrepreneur is a person who starts or manages, for the whole part or for a part together with Others entrepreneurs, an economic activity assuming the so called “company risks”.

Entrepreneurship is the process of starting a business a startup or other organization with the aim to open some activities, which differ substantially depending on type of organization and creativity involved.

The strategy is: be resourceful and persistent. In a world where all is dynamism, image, marketing, globalization, motion, you must be creative and diversify your product, it doesn’t matter what kind of it is, you must be aware about which is the target of people you want to reach. For that reason Hong Kong is one of the best market you can face it to: in 2014 market exchanges between Hong Kong and other countries marked an increase of 8,3% by comparison with the previous year.
Hong Kong government has shown its project for next years; they aim :

– to strengthen commercial and financial development ;

– to improve life conditions of citizens in order to deal with the increasing social discrepancy;

– to increase Hong Kong competitiveness.

It doesn’t matter if you can’t speak Cantonese: English is used at first language too. So, take your business in your hand and lets participate from 18 August till 29 September 2015,every Tuesday from 6:30 pm to 9:00 at The 9th “7+1 Entrepreneurship for Design & Creative Business” 第九屆「志在創業 7+1──設計與創意工業」證書課程 .
Located in the city centre and surrounded by beautiful skyscrapers view, you will be able to enjoy your own Hong Kong business starting with an important certificate of attendance to show to your customers.
Locally trained designers and creative professionals with own businesses/planning to have their own businesses and entrepreneurial individuals who work for corporations/are interested in design and creative business opportunities should attend the event.

Prof. Bernard Suen, Project Director, CUHK Center for Entrepreneurship Renowned designers and entrepreneurs will participate as special guest for sharing.

The event will focus on:
Marketing position, costing and break-even analysis, threats and opportunities, valuable insight to the current development n the Pearl River Delta, and so on.

So, enjoy life in Hong Kong and good luck with your business !!

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