What to think about when looking for Coworking Space…

1. Do I need a shared cowork space or a dedicated desk? Normally shared cowork spaces are the cheapest and most flexible way to get yourself out of a coffee shop or cafe and into a working space. If you’re working solo or a freelancer and don’t need a desk phone or calling clients, this is the best option. If you need a bit more privacy and your own dedicated line, then a dedicated desk will be a better option. Another way around if you are not always in need of a dedicated desk but shared is fine but you only need a few moments for privacy, a conference room within the facility is helpful.

2. What facilities do I need? Basic facilities are helpful but are not always necessary. Main areas are a pantry area with its basic amenities are normally enough. Depending on how much privacy you need, a conference room is always handy and a front desk receptionist is always helpful if you need support in general areas.

3. Is location important? Location can be a vital factor for some businesses or individuals and irrelevant for others. If you have the decision to be anywhere then choosing somewhere you feel most relaxed in and ideally near home is most logical. If you need to respond quickly to meetings and need to be very mobile at times then choose a location that best fits that criteria. It always helps to be close to public transport for any reason, but the important thing is choosing a place where you can work productively and enjoy your surroundings.
4. Am I looking for a network opportunity too? It is most likely that strong rapport and relationships are built during face to face in many situations. A good connected group in the office will usually attract  a good crowd outside the office and Networking opportunities you may run into without knowing its potential. It certainly helps to have connections, but obviously its great to have friends.
5. Can I expand with this organisation? Most co-working spaces will have plans and hopefully some flexibility for your requirements. Find out what they are before and see the potential long terms benefits. It is always a possibility being a client, but there is also great possibility to be a partner or develop partners too.

Obviously there are other factors to consider, but these would be the main questions you should ask yourself. It would normally save you time, money and hassle with these thoughts into mind.

Centre O Business Centre thinks its necessary to choose the right place that fits you. Its a place where you want to find your comfort zone and progress together.

For more details or information, feel free to email: sales@centreo.hk or tel: 3124 2888

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