What you can benefit from serviced offices?

Serviced offices have increased in popularity in today’s competitive business environment. It’s aimed to help small businesses and entrepreneurs to save a huge cost for running their business when compared to traditional office space. What’s a serviced office? It is an actual office or office building that’s fully equipped. The serviced office provider then rents …


在当今竞争激烈的商业环境中,服务式办公室越来越受欢迎。与传统办公空间相比,它旨在帮助小型企业和企业家节省大量经营业务的成本。 什么是服务式办公室? 这是一个实际的办公室或办公楼,设备齐全。服务式办公室供应商将单独的办公室或楼层租给其他公司,让来自不同行业或业务[…]


On Tuesday, we had the chance to welcome high school students, who participate to the JCI Dragon Competition, here at Centre O. A great moment for them to get to know more about what a Business Centre like Centre O can offer to companies in the different steps of their development. We also wanted them …

本周发生在Centre O 香港资源中心的事

周二,我们有机会在 Center O 迎接参加 JCI 龙竞赛的高中生。对于他们来说,这是一个很好的时机,可以让他们更多地了解像Centre O这样的商业中心在为处于不同发展阶段的公司提供什么。 我们还希望他们更好地了解客户服务是什么。事实上,这是我们日常运营[…]

Is it necessary to have a VIRTUAL OFFICE in Hong Kong when I’m living overseas?

At our Sprout package, we already include the first year of registered office services and when there are mails we will email and notify you, you can request us to open scan and email the content to you or to send to your oversea Address, there will be extra fee on courier charges.


昨天高中生问了一个问题!Josephine根据自己在Centre O的经历,就此事进行了一次演讲。这些学生代表香港不同的高中参加龙徒弟挑战赛。这是一个不错的夏季活动,对吧?这场比赛要求他们想出一个全新的创业公司,以培养他们的创业精神。 感谢JCI Dragon[…]

‘Getting the right people to work for / with you?’

A question asked by high school students yesterday! Josephine held a talk about this matter according to her own experience at Centre O. These students represent different high schools of Hong Kong for the Dragon Apprentice Challenge. This competition requires them to think of a brand new start-up company, in order to develop their entrepreneurial …