How good is it to use a co-working space?

Operating a one man business is never a fun thing. Having to handle everything by yourself, working from day to night, not even able to meet people and struggle when clients and suppliers wanting to come and meet you.   Centre o helps u to solve your problems. You’ll benefit to use our commercial addresses …


一个人经营的生意从来都不是一件有趣的事情。 必须自己处理所有事情,日以继夜地工作,甚至不能与人见面,当客户和供应商想来见你的时候也很困难。   Center o 帮助您解决问题。 您将受益于使用我们的商业地址打印在您的名片上并在网站上列出。我们的前台服务将帮助[…]

Needing a professional venue to meet your business clients?

Starbucks? Pacific Coffee? Habitu? You don’t get enough privacy.   Centre O Business Centre provides you with well-equipped conference facilitates in both Wanchai and Sheungwan, with services of warm meet and greet at front desk; unlimited coffee and tea to keep you hydrated during the meeting; well-connected with high speed Wi-Fi connection.   Book now …


星巴克?太平洋咖啡?哈比图? 你没有得到足够的隐私。   Centre O商务中心为您提供湾仔及上环设施齐全的会议设施,前台热情接见服务;无限量的咖啡和茶,让您在会议期间补充水分;还有良好信号的高速 Wi-Fi连接    现在通过http://centreo.[…]

When is your company’s financial year ends?

Many papers lying around? Needing help on getting a ledger, financial statement and a proper audit report for tax report?   Keep Calm and Relax. Working with 2 Certified Public Accountants in Centre O Business Centre for more than 6 years, we are able to offer 1 stop shop for you. Our accounting and auditing …


到处都是文件?需要得到分类帐、财务报表和适当的税务报告审计报告方面的帮助?   请保持冷静和放松。  Center O 商务中心与 2 位注册会计师已合作超过 6 年,我们能够为您提供一站式服务。 我们的会计和审计服务包可帮助您完成所有这些工作!时间就是金钱![…]


正在寻找一个更大的,能够帮进去办公的办公室? Center O 商务中心为您提供更好的解决方案,所有现成的家具和固定装置;会议室和办公室便利,让您的业务拓展一帆风顺。 我们有我们的内部公司秘书来协助处理所有琐碎的文书工作,甚至是更改公司地址。 致电 852+ […]

Expanding your business?

Looking for a larger office to move in and able to work immediately in the new office? Centre O Business Centre provides you with better solutions. All readily available furniture and fixtures; conference rooms and office facilitates, allow you a smooth sail for your business expansion. We have our in-house company secretary to assist with …

Operate a one-man business?

Running a one-man business? Not able to go through all the tasks you planned for the day? Time for a change! Our excellent customer service team will give your clients and suppliers our warmest welcome on your behalf. We are also able to handle your telephone calls and incoming or outgoing mails. Our prestigious registered …


一个人经营生意?无法完成当天计划的所有任务? 改变的时候到了!我们优秀的客户服务团队将代表您向您的客户和供应商表示最热烈的欢迎。 我们还可以处理您的电话和传入或传出的邮件。我们享有盛誉的注册办公地址,有设备齐全的办公室和会议室,方便您使用电信服务,随时满足您的[…]