Business Investment Visa – Applying Without Paying for Professional Help (FREE)

The rise in investment and migration is happening all over the world, especially in Hong Kong. This is a great opportunity for our VISA specialist, Stephen Barnes, to present his expertise on how to do your own visa application in Hong Kong by guiding you with some practical and professional advice. Stephen will talk about …


由于香港不断涌现出新业务和初创公司,所以拥有全包高级套餐来开展您的工作,这将会是一个很好的方法,而Center O 商务中心 有这个解决方案。我们之前推出了“做你自己的老板”的新促销套餐,其中包括公司注册、第一年免费担任公司秘书、iFive 平板电脑、免费咨询[…]

Hong Kong Limited Company Incorporation + Cowork Space + ‘Be Your Own Boss’ = Be Your Own Bigger Boss

As HK is thriving with continuous new businesses and startups, wouldn’t it be a great way to have FULL ALL INCLUSIVE PREMIUM PACKAGE to kick start you off. Well, Centre O Business Centre has that solution. We previously launched a new promotion package of ‘Be Your Own Boss’ which included company incorporation, first year free …


以下是您在起草商业计划时需要关注的 5 个要点。 1) 您的业务是什么 您需要区分您的想法和操作,这可以让阅读计划的人确切地知道您的意图。您是在本地、国际、在线还是离线运营。需要说明这些领域并提供详细信息。还有您提供的服务或您提供的产品。您是一家提供咨询、交易[…]

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year From Centre O

It is coming to the end of 2014 and whether you have had ups or downs, the new year will bring upon better occasions. And Centre O Business Centre is here again to support you all the way. With a new year, New plans are in order, therefore we have some amazing new promotion, services and business referrals to share and …


2014年即将结束,不管你过得起起落落,新的一年都会带来更好的机会。 新的一年,Centre O 商务中心 再次为您提供全面支持,对新的计划井然有序,因为我们有一些惊人的新促销、服务和业务推荐可以分享和进步。 2015 年将迎来新体验、新业务、新旅程,以及最重[…]