‘Oliver Bilou for a Professional Look’

Face up the hectic Hong Kong working life with style and elegance with your new Oliver Bilou handbag! Nice shape, deep blue and perfect size to go to the office, I have been immediately seduced by Amy. This bag was suiting perfectly my blue-tone outfit of the day, while on my way to Centre O! …


使用您的全新 Oliver Bilou 手提包,以时尚和优雅来面对繁忙的香港工作生活! 在我去 Center O 办公室的路上,被Amy的包包诱惑了,那漂亮的形状,深蓝色和完美的尺寸,这个包非常适合我当天的蓝色服装!可能你会留意到我很在意细节,那再看看包包的内[…]


无论您是前往中国旅行还是商务,Center O 商务中心都可以帮助您申请中国签证。   我们的中国签证申请服务包括准备和提交签证申请、向大使馆提交申请以及将您的护照和中国签证送回您的首选地点!   请联系 sales@centreo.hk 了解更多信息。


举办活动但仍未找到场地?丢失了会员?你说话的时候放映机坏了?   嗯,你需要一个更好的场地!   Center O 商务中心为活动和研讨会预订提供场地空间。我们的场地距离上环港铁 A2 出口步行几分钟,就在富豪酒店 i-club 对面。 除了场地预订,我们还提[…]

Looking for a Professional Venue to host your Events?

Hosting an event but still not yet find the venue? Attendees get lost? The projector doesn’t work when you are speaking?   Ummm, you need a better venue!   Centre O Business Centre provides venue spaces for events and seminars bookings. Our venue space is minutes walk away from Sheungwan MTR exit A2, right opposite …