How to remain resilient as an entrepreneur? Last days of 2016 to remain strong, we’re sure you can make it!

Because your entrepreneur journey won’t be made of beautiful moments only, but also challenges and difficulties; you must be resilient to keep going with your ideas and project. Here are 5 advices you can use to boost and maintain your resiliency: 1- Maintain A Positive Attitude 2- Establish A Support Network 3- Take Care of …


因为你的创业之路不仅有美好的瞬间,还有挑战和困难;你必须有动力才能继续你的想法和项目。这里有 5 条建议,您可以用来提高和保持动力: 1- 保持积极的态度 2- 设立鼓励网站 3- 照顾好自己 4- 发挥自己的优势 5- 成为自己的医生 您是否在香港发展业务?[…]

The Life of an Entrepreneur in 90 Pages from Patrick Bet-David with Thomas N. Ellsworth

This book has actually been recommended to me. It is short, clear, and also pragmatic using many concrete and recent examples. After a tough start to discover WHAT makes you an entrepreneur and WHY you are meant to be an entrepreneur, the story really began from Chapter 1! Here we will go through the 6 …


这本书实际上是推荐给我的。这本书简短、清晰且实用,使用许多具体的和最近的例子。 是什么让您在艰难地探索中成为企业家以及为什么您注定要成为企业家之后,故事才真正从第 1 章开始!在这里,我们将通过 6 个步骤来完成您的创业之旅! 1 – 真相:“接受当今现实的真[…]


一张 APEC 卡可以让您以更轻松的方式前往亚洲的发展中国家。事实上,你可以规划亚太经济合作组织的旅行路线!有效期5年,让您的生活更轻松,旅行更快捷😉 有关如何获得 APEC 卡的更多详细信息,请随时通过 与我们联系。