National Day of The People’s Republic of China In HK!

October 1st is the date to save for The People’s Republic of China’s National Day celebration! This celebrates the founding of The People’s Republic of China on October 1st, 1949. Hong Kong only started to celebrate this holiday since 1997, the year of the British handover of HK to China. This holiday, like many other big …


10月1日是中华人民共和国国庆节的日子! 中华人民共和国于 1949 年 10 月 1 日成立,而香港是 1997 年从英国将香港移交给中国的那一年开始庆祝这个节日的。 这个假期与香港的许多其他重大假期一样,为所有人带来了一系列庆祝活动。如果你错过了七月香港特[…]


在您开始做生意之前,请确保您准备好基本的法律文件。书面法律协议是明确说明您对交易各方的期望的最佳方式。法律协议也将有助于避免冲突,并在情况恶化时为您提供法律选择。如果由各方的所有成员清楚地书写并签名,这些文件将为您的业务创造巨大的价值。 在您的起步阶段,请与我[…]


Before you start doing business, make sure you put basic legal documents in place. Written legal agreements are the best way to clearly state what you expect from all parties within the deal. Legal agreements will also help avoid conflicts and will give you legal options in case things go south. If written clearly and …

Tax Saving Tip #4: Hong Kong Surplus Waiver

ATTENTION BUSINESS OWNER: Hong Kong’s government budget has consistently saved you money. You don’t believe me? Well, Hong Kong has a tax-friendly law that particularly benefits SME’s. When Hong Kong runs a government budget surplus (brings in more money than they spend) part of your tax is waived. And the waiver is no laughable amount; …


企业家注意:香港有一个税收友好的法律,特别有利于中小企业。这是香港的政府预算在为您省钱。你不相信我?当香港出现政府预算盈余(收入比支出多)时,您的部分税款将被免除。豁免是不可能的;这是您税款的 75%,最高可达 20,000 港元。 让我们看一个例子。如果您的[…]

Tax Saving Tip #3: No Taxes on Investments

After years of intelligent and lucrative investing, you decide it is time to take your earnings out of your portfolio. But before that money reaches your pocket, you are disappointed to find that a huge slice of your would-be earnings has been gobbled up by various taxes. You realize your investment was hardly worth what …


经过多年的明智和有利可图的投资,您决定是时候从投资组合中取出收益了。但在这笔钱到达你的口袋之前,你会失望地发现,你的潜在收入中有很大一部分已经被各种税收吞噬,你意识到你的投资几乎没有你想象的那么值得。 这样的事情想必大家耳熟能详。但是,这事在香港并不存在!香港[…]