The photo requirements for China Visa Application

From 15th December 2016, applicants should follow the updated photo requirements below when handing in the China Visa Application. Otherwise, the application will be discarded.Here are the photo requirements. 1. Color photo should be recent, taken within the past six months 2. Photo size should be 48mm high X 33mm wide; the width of the …

Why serviced office has high security?

Serviced office allows you to concentrate on work in a private space with all necessary facilities and network with other entrepreneurs. For us, we are not only aiming to provide comfortable working environment, but also offer high security offices. In the office, we have the CCTV cameras, door taps and lockers to protect your belongings. …


税务局正式宣布,2017 年 4 月 1 日起,商业登记费将从 250 港元上调至 2,250 港元。 Center O现在就可以帮助您注册香港有限公司。请在此处查看我们的注册套餐的详细信息:。 如果您现在想注册您的香港有限公司,请通过 与我们联系,我们将在 2 个工作日内为您安排! 您可能还对以下有关香港有限公司的文章感兴趣: 关于公司注册的小提醒:股东和董事的基本规则和建议 Centre O 服务:有限公司

Incorporate Your Hong Kong Company Now Before the Fee Rise Up of HK$2,000!!!

The Inland Revenue Department officially announced that the Business Registration fee will rise up from HK$250 back to HK$2,250 from April 1st 2017. Incorporate your HK Limited Company Now thanks to Centre O. Check out the details of our Incorporation package here: Please contact us at if you wish to incorporate your HK Limited …

I already subscribed to a Pension Fund in my home country; do I still need to enroll for Hong Kong MPF?

As long as your home country’s pension fund is approved by Hong Kong government, you can definitely continue using your home country’s pension system. You need payroll or MPF for your employees? Contact us at and we can arrange the monthly payments for you! #Payroll #MPF #HongKong #Business #CentreO #TheHongKongResourceCentre


我需要准备哪些文件? 银行面试时银行职员会问什么? 谁将负责出席? 我们提供银行介绍人服务,帮助您全面了解公司银行开户。在服务中,我们提供银行前面试咨询。以下是我们将与您一起经历的事情。 1. 让您做好准备,在 30 分钟的银行面试预约中会发生什么。 2. 如果银行可能有问题,我们会为您准备这些问题。 3. 新的香港有限公司开设银行账户时,银行究竟会看什么。 4. 预约时需要向银行职员准备哪些文件/表格 如果您在银行开户方面需要帮忙,我们可以为您提供帮助! 与联系我们,了解更多详情。 #CentreO #香港企业家 #商业中心 #银行开户

Needing Consultation for Bank Account Opening?

What kind of documents do I need to prepare? What will be ask by the bank officer during the bank interview? Who will be responsible to be present? We provide Bank Introducer Service to help you to have a comprehensive understanding of company bank account opening. Within the service, we offer pre-bank interview consultation. Here …