After setting up a Hong Kong Limited, the company filings do not end there. Yearly, you are required to arrange renewal of your company including annual return and profit tax return as well.

Annual Return

As per the rules in the Companies Ordinance, each of the Hong Kong companies has to file the Annual Return regularly every year in the prescribed form. The form that is used is called the NAR1 form. The contents of this form include the particulars of the issued share capital, registered capital, registered office, secretary(s), director(s), shareholder(s), etc.

The annual return has to be filed within 42 days of the anniversary date of the incorporation of the company every year, and it is a compulsory obligation. In case a person forgets to file the annual return, they would be liable to pay the late fines depending on how late the filing has been done.

Profit Tax Return

Submission the Profit Tax Return, it doesn’t mean you have to pay tax. As the tax amount will be computed by the profitability for the year. It is normal for a company to get its first profits tax return within the 18 months since the commencement date of the business. After that, the next tax return forms would usually be issued on the 1st of April each year (or the first working day of April every year.)

Along with this, an audit report has to be attached. In the next years, in case there is no tax representative to act on its behalf for submitting the form for an extension, the company has to file the tax return within a month.

Renewal of Documents

Each year, when renewing a company, it’s common for any Hong Kong Limited to keep a record of the below docunments.

  1. Business Registration Certificate
  2. NAR1 (Filled Annual Return Form)
  3. Client Due Diligent Acknowledgement
  4. ND2A (Notice of Change of Company Secretary) – if applicable
  5. NR1 (Notice of Change of Address of Registered Office) – if applicable

How Centre O can assist you on the renewal?

Centre O provides one-year Registered Address Services including fax and telephone number. We can assist to handle government letters and phone calls. Also, Centre O is a licensed TCSP agent to provide qualified Company Secretary Service. And then we can assist to file Profit Tax, Employer’s Return and Personal Salary Tax. The one-stop service to help you sort out all the annual renewal matters.

For further information, please contact us.

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