The Difference Between Financial Statement, Annual Return and Audit Report

For those wanting to understand the different between

1.       Financial statement

2.       Annual return

3.       Audit report

 Below explains the details and process:
Firstly we help create the 1. Financial Statement for your company’s accounting to show the financial activities including the income and outgoing transactions, after this is done, we will send a draft for client approval and/or comments. At this stage we can still have a few adjustments to be made.
2. Audit report, once 1. Financial Statement is confirmed, the actual audit report (which CANNOT be edit or adjust) will be provided for signing from client.
As soon as the client has signed off the 2. Audit Report, we will file them to the Inland Revenue Department and to send a soft copy back to client via email for their reference.
For your 3. Annual Return, this needs to be done every 12 months since the incorporation date of the business, informing Company Registry even there is no changes from the past 12 months, the filing to Company registry which is totally different from Audit Report ( financial figures) to the Inland Revenue Department. 
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Financial report, annual return, audit report, tax

Financial report, annual return, audit report, tax



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