‘Oliver Bilou for a Professional Look’

Face up the hectic Hong Kong working life with style and elegance with your new Oliver Bilou handbag!

Nice shape, deep blue and perfect size to go to the office, I have been immediately seduced by Amy. This bag was suiting perfectly my blue-tone outfit of the day, while on my way to Centre O! Take a look inside the bag, and you will notice the attention to details that I particularly appreciated. Inspirational quote for my dreaming moments, and a key hook to find my key easily when I’m rushing to work in the morning, really well thought!

This new bags’ line has been launched online earlier on this week, so spread the word! Plus, you donate to children by buying this bag. Because we always need a better reason to shop for a handbag, I believe that helping out children in need definitely had an influence on my purchase!

Discover this new brand in Hong Kong and many places around the world, and SELECT YOUR OWN NOW AT https://www.oliverbilou.com/.

Run your business with style and elegance thanks to Oliver Bilou!


Event & Management Trainee at Centre O

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