3 Effective Ways to Increase Sales and Traffic for E-Commerce Shops

If you operate your business on an e-commerce platform like Shopify, you know that it can be difficult to create traffic and close sales. Below, Centre O offers easy ways to boost your sales:

Send Samples to Social Media Influencers

Social media can be a powerful tool to attract customers, but it is difficult to create a large enough social media following from nothing, especially if you’re a business. Instead, identify an influencer by following hashtags and accounts related to your industry or product on platforms like Instagram.  You will have a good chance of getting your product pushed to a buying market by directly messaging influencers to inform them about your product. Suggest sending the influencer a sample in hopes that they share with their audience.

Build Strong Email Campaigns

Capturing a large directory of emails is cheap and can lead to a great ROI; however, email addresses are worthless unless you’re sending thoughtful and regular emails to subscribers. Some tips:

  • Understand your audience beyond their demographic details – What is the best time of day to send an email? What email layout is most effective? Consider A/B testing content in small batches to see what is most effective!
  • Have a motivating and clever ‘Call to Action’ encouraging next steps in the purchasing process
  • Monitor your metrics on platforms like SendGrid

Recover Abandoned Check-Out Carts

Abandoned shopping carts are online shopping carts with at least one product whose buyer opts not to complete the purchase. Studies have found that over one-half of online shopping carts are left unpurchased. From this, suppliers can learn that an audience expresses an interest in their product, but there is a preventative factor causing the purchase to be left incomplete. To lower the abandoned check-out cart rate, send a follow-up email to remind the customer about their incomplete purchase, or even better, offer a coupon code or free shipping to incentivize the purchase – another reason to obtain your customer’s email address!


Centre O understands that running an online business can be challenging, but we hope these tips will boost your sales. We also want to make it less challenging by offering Centre O’s Accounting and Auditing Services. Our services use Xero to seamlessly integrate with your online shops, making bookkeeping one fewer thing that you need to worry about while you’re busy making sales!  For more information, contact us at sales@centreo.hk.


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