Hong Kong Government announced measures for the 5th round of the Anti-epidemic Fund. And committing a total funding of about $3,570 million.

Reasons for the 5th Round Measures

In view of the development of the epidemic situation, the Government tightened social distancing measures with effect from 7th January. In short, the decisive tightening of measures has huge impact to the Hong Kong economy. To summarize, 23 different business sectors are affected . Especially those business premises that have to close, and catering business premises where have to stop dine-in service after 6pm. The Government therefore swiftly decided to roll out relief measures under the 5th round of the Anti-epidemic Fund.

Details of the 5th round of the Anti-epidemic Fund

Altogether, the 5th round of measures under the Anti-epidemic Fund consists of two parts.

1. Relief measures for premises as well as individuals directly affected by the latest round of tightening of social distancing measures

2. Relief measures for trades which have not seen any business revival since the onset of the epidemic due to the as-of-yet resumed flow of people between Hong Kong and other places.

Relief measures for premises and individuals directly affected. The 23 business sectors including:

  1. Catering Business
  2. Commercial Bathhouses
  3. Lunar New Year and Lam Tsuen Traditional Festival Fair
  4. FARMFEST 2022
  5. Parlours, Massage Establishment and Party Rooms
  6. Cinemas
  7. Fitness Centres and Sports Premises
  8. Club-Houses
  9. Places of Public Entertainment Licence Holders
  10. Amusement Game Centres
  11. Sports and Recreational Sites
  12. Places of Amusement Licence Holders
  13. Mahjong/Tin Kau Licence Holders
  14. Leisure and Cultural Services Department: parttime staff affected by cancellation of sport & recreation and culture programmes
  15. Registered Sports Coaches
  16. Individual arts practitioners and freelancers
  17. Performing Arts Groups
  18. Performing Pop Concert Industry
  19. Child Care Centres
  20. Non-Governmental Welfare Organisations: Interest Class Instructors
  21. Non-formal Curriculum Private Schools
  22. Kindergartens and Private Day Schools
  23. Providers of catering services, providers of interest group and school bus services for schools

Relief measures for trades which have not seen any business revival since the onset of the epidemic

  1. Tourism Industry
  2. Green Lifestyle Local Tour
  3. Aviation
  4. Cross-boundary Passenger Transport Trade

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