Previously, we gave you an introduction and general guide to the Significant Controllers Register, the ‘SCR’.

Here, we have compiled all the major points into a checklist for the preparation of your SCR.

1. Find a place to keep the SCR. The SCR can be kept at the registered office or any other place in Hong Kong. If the SCR is not kept at the registered office of the company, or if it is moved, please remember to deliver Form NR2 to report the new location the SCR is being kept within 15 days it is moved.
2. Ascertain whether there are any significant controllers of the company. If yes, take reasonable steps to identify and list the significant controllers.
3. Send notices to any person who is believed to be a significant controller and any person who is believed to know the identity of a significant controller.
4. Prepare the SCR
If you have any enquires about SCR, please refer to the blog ‘WHO IS THE SIGNIFICANT CONTROLLERS OF THE COMPANY’ and ‘WHAT IS THE CONTENT OF SIGNIFICANT CONTROLLERS REGISTER?’ or contact us at sales@centreo.hk.

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