The act of preparing your product for the global markets at the DESIGN STAGE. This means you have to ensure that all the additional features or changes you will want to make to suit a specific market are possible from the start.


A clear term, yet sometimes we do not give it due attention. If you have turned to the help of online translators for your business at least a few times – you know what we are talking about. Cutting down on costs is undersantdable, but a poorly translated website or company manifesto may result in a lost message, misunderstanding and marketing complications. So, for international business, translation is a word to be taken seriously.


Localisation is deeper than translation and lies much closer to marketing. If you are using a metaphor in your slogan that would not have the same connotation in your target market – you need localisation services to fix the problem.

Same applies to imagery, sayings, quotes and even colours. The connotations, emotions and memories they evoke may be completely different in your new market and changing them accordingly will help you get the idea through.


This is an is the encompassing term for internationalisation, translation and localization

When businesses globalize their product and services, they make sure they are well-received in multiple markets by planning the design, translating the copy accurately and creating connotations that will build trust in the target market.


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