Creating a nice and productive environment for work is one of the key elements of office happiness. And yet we often tend to ignore it and treat our offices/cubicles as temporary working stations rather than our homes away from home.

At centre o we strongly believe in the importance of creating a welcoming working environment and are happy to share a few tips:

–       keep the office green (fresh plants and flowers help cleanse the heavily air-conditioned air)

–       make it homey (keep a few meaningful tokens from home at the office to keep the atmosphere stress-free)

–       book it up (keep a few inspirational books on the shelf to cheer you up in moments of extreme overworking)

–       drink tea (a few sachets of herbal teas are a much better remedy for fatigue than espressos – but keep those as well)

–       use bright colours (orange, green and yellow are stimulating and encouraging, helping you keep a high level of energy through the day – just ask us at centre o)

Interested in more office advice – just drop us a line at sales@centreo.hk


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