A Working Lunch with ABNET at McCawley’s Peninsula (Nanshan, Shenzhen)

Josephine went in and enjoyed a working lunch this week with ABNET – Asia Business Network – a new networking organization, solely committed to catering to small and medium sized enterprises in Asia.

ABNET is setting up in Asia and targeting business owners and managers, who take their business networking seriously – so do not expect weekend trips to museums or wine & dine events. Instead, you will have real goals and responsibilities to expand your own business and that of your fellow members. And even after the first meeting, we saw the results.

Josephine was happy to meet all the visitors and members of the organization.

And here we are with ABNET director – Alan Brown at McCawley’s Peninsula.


Learn more about ABNET:


ABNET is a business networking organization with a unique formula that specifically serves the needs of small & medium sized enterprises. ABNET branches are being established in many of the business locations around the City of Shenzhen and throughout the province in due course.

Directors, Partners, Sole Traders, Professionals, Senior Management and Charity Senior Representatives are potentially eligible to become members of ABNET. Members must be pro-active and demonstrate business leadership potential.


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