Handicrafts are a great way to become an entrepreneur, and in Hong Kong there are many options for setting up places to sell your products online. We’ve selected two of the most popular websites from the Chinese speaking Hong Kong community.

CRECRA ( offers many gatherings and fairs about a variety of subjects, crafts, and nationalities, as well as gatherings for every public holiday. Some examples of past fairs held include the Sanrio characters festival, a Dragon Boat festival gathering, and a vintage market. Gatherings are spread out all over Hong Kong as well, reaching all the way Cheung Chau. It also features an online marketplace for producers to sell and customers to buy directly from collects postings of all kinds, from all kinds of people: vendors selling handmade goods, classes, exhibitions, and services. If you have a product or service, the odds are good that you will be able to sell or advertise on It frequently has larger exhibitions on it as well, such as one about the anime One Piece and a festival about Hanzi.

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