Are You Having Too Much Sugar? – Healthy Alternatives to Sugary Drinks!

Alternatives to sugary drinks

As it seems to be getting hotter, we thought you would be tempted by the same things we are: some nice refreshing drinks!

However, with all the sugary choices we have these days, opting for a healthy alternative may be quite hard.

The recommended intake of sugar for adults is 10 teaspoons (40 G) a day.

One can of coke pretty much covers this at 39 g of sugar per can.

So we thought we need help in swapping for the healthier alternative.

Here they are:

Swap soft drinks (27.5 g sugar per cup) FOR fruity tea soda (1 g of sugar/cup)

Swap fruit juice (24 g./cup) FOR lemon water (1 g./cup)

Swap sports drinks (21 g./cup) FOR coconut water (13 g. sugar/cup)

Swap flavoured milk and milk shakes FOR well, just milk with basics: cocoa, vanilla, fruit (12 g. sugar/cup)

Swap powdered iced teas FOR tea + ice with lemon/orange slices (1 g. of sugar/cup)

Swap bottled and powered iced coffee (22.5 g./per cup) FOR coffee + ice + milk (7 g. sugar/cup)

The drinks we recommend are not only healthier and less sugary, but also much cheaper and easy to make at home.

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