Book Recommendation: “Pitch Anything” by Oren Klaff

“Pitch Anything teaches you how to create, maintain and hold the attention of your listeners

Pitch Anything

The full name of the book is: “Pitch Anything: An Innovative Method for Presenting, Persuading and Winning the Deal” by Oren Klaff.

The names seems to be rather self-explanatory, as Pitch Anything offers a new method of “selling your idea” and negotiating the deal of a lifetime.

It starts by pointing out the reasons why we may sometimes fail when pitching our ideas. According to Oren Klaff, when we prepare our pitches/presentations, we often do that using the neocortex (“the advanced part of the brain”) – whereas the listener will process the information through the “reptilian complex” or “Croc Brain”

The neocortex is responsible for processing complex information and problem solving, whereas the “Croc Brain” deals with the basics of survival and wants to know how what we are seeing is good for us.

So, unless the pitch is framed to intrigue or excite the listener’s “now” brain, it will not get passed to the “complicated” part of the brain where the decision making takes place.

Oren also suggests his own method for winning people over, using the acronym S. T. R. O. N. G. – setting the frame, telling the story, revealing the intrigue, offering the prize, nailing the hookpoint and getting the deal.

But wait, perhaps we’ve given away too much.

In short, if you would like to learn more about this new method of pitching, check this book out. After all, is there a day in our lives when we don’t pitch something?

About the author:

Oren Klaff is a former investment banker who raised over $400 m over the course of his 12 year career on Wall Street.


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