Business Quotes of The Month (Beating Failure and Doubt)

Thomas Eddison

  1. If plan A doesn’t work, the alphabet has 26 more letters. Stay calm. Stay creative.
  2. Do something today that your future self will be thankful for.
  3. Even the biggest failure beats the hell out of never trying.
  4. Growth begins at the end of your comfort zone.
  5. There are no secrets to success.  It is the result of hard work, preparation and learning from failure.
  6. Effort only fully releases its reward after a person refuses to quit.
  7. Success is not final, failure is not fatal. It is the courage to continue that counts.
  8. Failure of the condiment that gives success its flavour.
  9. If you are not failing, you are not growing.
  10. Go on failing. Go on. Only next time, try to fail better.

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