According Business Registration Ordinance (Chapter 310, Laws of Hong Kong). Every business owner in Hong Kong should ensure compliance with the requirements of the Business Registration Ordinance. Please find the highlight as following:

  1. Section 7(2) requires every business owner to notify the Commissioner of Inland Revenue (Commissioner). If the business owner does not receive the demand notice in writing within ONE MONTH of the expiry of the existing business registration certificate.
  2. Section 8(1) and 8(2) states if occurs any change in the particulars of business as set out in the form of application for registration or cease of business. Then business owner should within ONE MONTH of such change or of the cessation notify the Commissioner in writing thereof.
  3. Section 8(1A) specifies that a local company registered under the Companies Ordinance (Chapter 622, Laws of Hong Kong) commences to carry on business. It must notify the Commissioner if any change in the business particulars within ONE MONTH, the changes including:
    1. Business Name
    1. Description
    1. Nature of Business
    1. Business address, and
    1. Date of the commencement of business
  4. Section 15(1) provide penalties for offences against the Ordinance consisting of a fine $5,000 and imprisonment for 1 year.

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