Capital Investment Entrant Scheme, or “CIES” – No more real estate. So what to invest in?

investment visa

As of October 14th 2010 the threshold for investment under CIES is $10 million HKD. Furthermore, real estate has temporarily been suspended as a permissible asset under the scheme.

 So what can you invest in? You can invest in stock, equities or debt securities (from an approved list) or a combination of the qualifying criteria.

You must be able to demonstrate the net value of the portfolio is at least $10 million HKD and have had the funds for two years prior to the application.

“Approval in principle” is granted for six months after your portfolio has been confirmed by HK immigration to be in excess of $10 million HK net to make the appropriate investment.

If you choose to invest in stock, equities or debt securities you will need to appoint a financial intermediary to manage the investment portfolio on their behalf.  Once the investment is confirmed by Hong Kong immigration you (and your qualifying dependents) will be issued a visa for two years which can be extended. This category is one of the leads to residency in Hong Kong after seven years.

NOTE: Unlike other categories that lead to residency you do not have to stay in HK continuously, but must maintain the investment throughout the seven year period.

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