Centre O feeling Old – Centre Old

5 years ago, we had a soft opening for Centre O in Wanchai…

…We are happy to announce the full opening of our new Sheung Wan Office – O Connect – This is a fantastic opportunity for you to come and be invited to join us for an amazing new moment…. Again!

Would be great for everyone to come along and have a good time. #CELEBRATIONS. Bring your friends too! We have announced that it will be on the 9TH OF OCTOBER!!!

RSVP or look at details of the grand opening on our meet up group!


Here are some photos from our wanchai opening.38312_112898805426018_413080_n 34770_112898838759348_3325912_n 34651_112898895426009_5968002_n 34651_112898882092677_5038192_n 34454_112898678759364_5705323_n 34454_112898675426031_1147710_n 33437_112898735426025_6161190_n 33437_112898718759360_4076065_n

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