Company Secretarial Services for a Hong Kong Limited Business

Centre O offers many Hong Kong Limited business on Company Secretarial Services. We received numerous requests on a consistent basis to take over the role as appointed company secretary. The entrepreneurs were angry with the unsatisfied secretarial practices with their pervious suppliers. The reasons may be varied, but the common reasons can be concluded as hidden charges and cannot fulfill the requirement of the Company Registry. Then result in unexpected expenses and affected the credibility and image of the company. 

If you have suffering from a bad experience of secretarial service, then you are better to end your relationship with your current service provider to change to another. However, Centre O knows “Change of Company Secretary” is not an easy and simple process. Centre O created a  Company Secretarial Services checklist below and hopes to ease the process. Once you have decided to change the company secretary, please search for certain requirement before onboarding.


Choose a New Service Provider

Importantly, don’t judge by price. Find the one that best suits your needs and the needs of your company. Take the price, quality of service, and responsiveness into consideration.


Get Certified True Copies of Your Know-Your-Customer Documents

Without a doubt, all Trust or Corporate Service Provider (TCSP) license holders are required to collect certified true copies of the ID and address proof or corporate documents of directors and shareholders of the company. Certified copies can be issued by a lawyer, Notary Public, CPA, TCSP licence holder, or equivalent government authority.


Check if Business Registration Certificate is Up to Date

Not only, the Business Registration Certificate (BRC) should be updated every year. If your service provider is capable. Then your BRC should be up to date. Otherwise, please pay for your renewal fee at the Company Registry (CR) immediately. Then find a professional one.


Filed the Latest Annual Return yet?

But also, all Hong Kong companies need to file an Annual Return (AR) on time every year. Check with your current company secretary if you submitted the AR form to CR summarising the details of your company yet? If not, then it is another reason for you to move!


Collect All Forms Submitted After Latest AR

In addition to these, when making any changes of your company, you should report to the CR and Inland Revenue Department (IRD). Your new incoming company secretary will need a copy of all documents related to changes made after your latest AR submission.


Retrieve all Corporate Records

In short, check with your existing company secretary if they are maintaining your company records. You should retrieve the records for your safekeeping. Aside from the other documents mentioned above you should also make sure to obtain the following:

> Certificate of Incorporation

> Register of Members

> Articles of Association

> Register of Secretaries

> Significant Controller’s Register

> Register of Directors


Give all Company Documents to the Incoming Company Secretary

The new incoming company secretary will collect all your company latest documents and information. The purpose is to make sure your company record is up to date with CR and IRD requirement. If yes, you can appoint the new company secretary officially.

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