Coworking space together!

The co-working community is thriving in Hong Kong. You can now find a #coworking #space in nearly every major neighborhood in Hong Kong! As Hong Kong is so fast paced, being mobile and flexible is of great importance to people as time is not only a number. It’s money.

Coworking provides a great option to use if you feel like having an office atmosphere and want the freedom to come and go. This provides you with the time you need, and the time you want.

Centre o connect office branch provides only the best location (#Sheungwan) and environment to cater your needs of getting heads down and progressing through your work. After all, your business success matters to us.

Centre o connect defines coworking as more than just hiring an office desk space. We combine the word with co-operation, co-curricular, and co-ordinate signifying that we offer more than just a space to work, but a service of support. Which for most people, is worth a lot.


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