Create an Effective and Simple Unique Selling Proposition for Your Business

teamWhen put under the spot light many of us struggle to describe what differentiates us from others.

“What is so different about you?” “What makes your business so special?”

Sometimes we just get caught off guard like a deer stunned in front of the headlights. Dumbfounded, with ummms and ahhhs, only to realise after you walk away, everything comes easily to mind.

Luckily Kevin Rogers, one of the must sought out American advertising copywriters online has created a very simple fill-in-the-blanks technique for writing up an UPS (unique selling proposition), calling it The Rebel Yell.

Relief! An easy template to memorise who you are, what you sell and why. No more last minute freak outs when that crack down moment comes.

And here it is:

My name is __________________, I love _______________ but was fed up with _______________.

So I created ______________ that ___________________________.


Some helpful tips to remember are: keep it simple, don’t over think it, write it as you are speaking one on one. keep your best clients in mind and what words they use to describe you .

it is also good opening to an interesting conversation !

Who could think two simple sentences could sum up your business’s worth and all that you wanted to say!

Here’s an example using our centre o’s very own entrepreneur,

My name is Josephine, I love to see how people build up brands but was fed up with working for others as a brand manager. So I created a business centre that I could help others not only build their brands but their business too.

Give it a try and share it in the comment box, I am very interest to see what you all come up with



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