Do I Need a Formal Business Plan To Support My Investment Visa Application?

Business Plan

Applying for an investment visa can be quite nerve-wrecking. Naturally, you would want to do anything in your power to convince the HKIMMD that your business would benefit the economy of Hong Kong.

However, burning the midnight oil to compose “the ideal business plan” may….not be necessary at all.

Stephen Barnes points out:

“Certainly, every applicant for an investment visa needs to have a ‘planned business’ but it certainly doesn’t follow that, in order to get an approval, the Hong Kong Immigration Department insist on seeing a formal business plan as such”.

Most people, when considering applying for an investment visa, already have at least a basic document, which sets out how they see their business playing out over the first couple of years. This is just good planning and by no means a formal business plan.

This documented material does provide the essential elements of the argument underpinning the investment visa application and is an absolute gold mine of information for an immigration consultant .

Most definitely have your plans, intentions and money flows written down, but the HKID no more want to read a 60 page business plan in support of your application, than you want to write one. 

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