What is a China Residence Permit?

A residence permit refers to a person’s visa status. It signifies the duration for which the person is allowed to reside within a country of which he or she is not a citizen. The residence permit in China do look like a Hong Kong Identity Card.  On the Residence Permit it also shows your detailed residential address and basic personal information including date of birth.  Nevertheless, it has functions just like a visa that it permits multiple exit and entry during its validity. It gives you the legal right to live in China.


  • Hong Kong, Macau or Taiwan resident
  • Expats stay in China for more than 6 months
  • Working or studying in a legal entity in China
  • Living in a legal premise in China

Application Procedure

Firstly, head to your nearest Police Department approved ID photo taking studio.  At the studio, the shop assistant will guide you through the photo taking process, most of them do provide white coloured shirt during photo shooting. After the photo has been taken, the shop will provide you with a digital photo official approval receipt with an authorised chop on stating that they witness and confirmed it’s a true copy of your photo information. 

Secondly, arrange advanced booking from your wechat mini program. A mobile application form will be shown after you have made your reservation. Ensure this is filled out before you appointment.

Showing up at the police station or police department. 

Officer will record your fingerprints and also collect your mobile application form as well as the proof of receipt.  A confirmation receipt will be given by the officer, this receipt is needed when you are collecting your Residence Permit.

The application takes around 10 working days; For the Hong Kong, Macau or Taiwan residents, the permit can be valid up till 5 years.  If you are staying in China for longer period, renewing of the permit will be required.

Required Information

  • Valid travel document (Valid Mainland Travel Permit for Hong Kong and Macau Residents or 5 Years Mainland Travel Permit for Taiwan Residents)
  • Recent digital photo official approval receipt
  • Proof of Living for 6 months
    • Lease with Landlord, or
    • Property ownership document, or
    • Purchasing Property Contract, or
    • School dormitory confirmation
  • Proof of stable work
    • Employment Contract, or
    • Business Registration, &
    • Company letter with confirmation of work
  • Proof of Study
    • Student ID card, or
    • Confirmation letter from School


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