Hong Kong Limited Company Incorporation + Cowork Space + ‘Be Your Own Boss’ = Be Your Own Bigger Boss

As HK is thriving with continuous new businesses and startups, wouldn’t it be a great way to have FULL ALL INCLUSIVE PREMIUM PACKAGE to kick start you off. Well, Centre O Business Centre has that solution. We previously launched a new promotion package of ‘Be Your Own Boss’ which included company incorporation, first year free as your company secretary, a iFive tablet, free consulting hours and the benefits of being part of Lyoness loyalty System.

But we have now emerged a bigger package for the whole setup including the cowork space. This is literally the full package. We also have promotional packages without every single aspect as we like to cater for all preferences and needs.

Let us know what you think and if your’e interested in enquiring. 

Email: sales@centro.hk    Tel: 3124 2888

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