Hong Kong Limited Company Maintain and Upkeep

Without a doubt, maintain and upkeep for a Limited Company in Hong Kong is as critical as the initial setting up. Basically,  any Hong Kong Limited Company has to liaison with two government departments at least ones per year.

Firstly the Hong Kong Limited Company must liaise with the Company Registry Department

We need to update company structure, even there was no changes. It is mandatory to have your company to file Annual Return.

Nevertheless, the company must maintain a Company Secretarial Service, hiring a professional Company Secretary, acting on behalf of your Limited Company to Company Registry. Since 2018, the new Company Ordinance required every Company Secretary has to be TCSP licensed. Additionally, the Company Secretary must preform an update on Client Due Diligence check and on-going monitoring of the Limited Company’s Ultimate Beneficially Owner(s).

Secondly, the Hong Kong Limited Company must also liaise with the Inland Revenue Department

This department deals with the financial information of the company.The company needs to renew Business Registration with the Inland Revenue Department.  Ensuring the Registered Office address information are correct and up to date.  At the same time, any Hong Kong Limited Company must arrange accounting and auditing every 12  months of business. The Inland Revenue Department will also send Employer’s return form and also Profit Tax Return form to the Hong Kong Limited Company, which required the company to fill in and file back on time.   

Beside the mandatory document, the company must maintain a commercial address in HK.

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