July 18-24 is the second annual Hong Kong Sports and Leisure Expo!
Organized by the HKTDC, this event drew nearly 100 exhibitors and nearly 1 million total members of the public to visit over the six days it was held last year. This exhibition aims to enable the public to find everything they need to have a balanced life full of both vitalizing sport and fitness activities and engaging and relaxing hobbies.

Whether you like running, swimming, or skiing, the sports you enjoy will be represented by classes and activities, or you can try out new things, like rock climbing walls and floor curling.

Are you looking to find a new hobby or learn more about your favorite? Either way, this Expo is for you. Topics of leisure exhibitions include everything from board games to music to DIY to virtual reality and for each there will be demonstrations, competitions, and classes for visitors to enjoy.

The price is only HK$25 for adults and HK$10 for the elderly and kids. Stop by the HK Sports and Leisure Expo and have a blast!

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