Hong Kong Trademark Registration System and Application

Hong Kong Trademark Registration System is very similar to UK and US system. Many business owners may think once they have their Hong Kong Trademark Registration applied, their logo or brand will be protected. Centre O is not going to upset you. However, the truth is not the same. After your trademark registration is applied in Hong Kong, your logo or brand will received a the territorial protection only. Which means you are not covered outside of Hong Kong. We suggest business owners and entrepreneurs to consider on applying for trademark registration with countries where they have business deals, clients and suppliers in order to receive a full protection worldwide.

Undoubtedly, if you need legal protection with your logo or brand which you have business deals, suppliers and clients in other countries, we do suggest to register a Trademark individually per country that wanted to be protected. 


What is the difference between Hong Kong Trademark Registration and China Trademark Registration?

According to the China Trademark Law, the Trademark Registration is on “First-to-file” approach. This approach means the Trademark grants to the first party to register regardless of evidence of prior use. In order to prevent Trademark squatting and ensure your exclusive trademark rights. Centre O strongly recommends you to take precaution measures as soon as possible to protect your Logo or Trademark.


What information is needed when applying for a Trademark Registration? 

  • Business Registration Certificate
  • Applicant ID Card Copy
  • Countries for Trademark Registration
  • Trademark Class
  • Details of goods/services
  • Full details of Trademark Logo

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