HONG KONG VIBES (By Francesco)


Hong Kong is the perfect city for people who work in the business world, as geographical position and history have made this Asian metropolis a unique place in the world.

The flow of businessmen  from all over the globe, a great number of events and fairs and the uncountable possibilities that the city offers create altogether a magical and vibrant atmosphere for accomplished international businessmen,  young entrepreneurs who are just starting out and young students who just meet the work world for the first time .It is possible to feet all these vibes by simply walking around the city, and it is thanks to them that people who live (or just spend a short period) in Hong Kong, get passionate and enthusiastic about the world of business.

This amazing environment is backed up by strong regulations, and low tax rates, making Hong Kong have the perfect environment for those who want to start their own business and realize their dreams.

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