HongKong Post Services to Certain Destinations Suspended

It is coIt should be noted the substantial reduction in flight frequencies or even cancellation of flights to destinations in the below list by airlines. The results in no provision of air traffic capacity, Hongkong Post announced on 31st March.2020. There is a service suspension of Airmail (including Speedpost). Public can consider using surface mail service instead. As a result, Hongkong Post has already request service providers to advanced their shipping schedules or increase their frequencies of service to these destinations to up to once per week.

HongKong Post Airmail to Surface and the estimated journey time:

Destinations Estimated Surface Journey Time
North America Canada 15 days
Europe Spain 23 days
Norway 40 days
South America Brazil 28 days



Due to the substantial reduction in flight frequencies continues in Korea. The air traffic capacity provided cannot cope with the posting volume of Speedpost to Korea.  Hongkong Post already announced on 27th March for suspension of Airmail service to Korea. Public can consider using surface mail to Korea. Surface mail has an increased frequency to once per week and the surface journey time is around 5 days.


In addition, many European destinations has limited or cancellation of cargo flights capacity. Hongkong Post can only endeavour to maintain Speedpost services to these destinations below to facilitate the posting of urgent mail by the public.

It is confirmed that there will be at least 2 weeks delay even though HongKong Post or Speedpost completed the handling procedures and handed the post to airlines on time. Members of the public may consider using surface mail service.

Destinations Service types available
Europe Austria Speedpost and surface mail

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