How Does Environment Impact Your Life? Actually, Much More That You May Think! Part I.


We often say that we need to be motivated to make a change in our lives. An interesting experiment, however, seemed to prove a different point.

 The Experiment

Several European countries were analyzed according to the number of organ donors. Even though there were located very close to each other and had no significant cultural differences, the results came back with astounding differences.

It turned out that what made the result different was simply the form the countries were sending out.

The countries with low rates of organ donors sent out a form that said, “If you want to be an organ donor, check here.” In other words, the form required people to opt–in.

Meanwhile, the countries with high rates of donation sent out a form that said, “If you don’t want to be an organ donor, check here.” In other words, the form required people to opt–out.

The difference was astounding.

percentage of donors

Consider the impact of this. If a simple form can make such a drastic difference in your choices, how do other pieces of your environment impact you on a daily basis?

What is going on here? And how can you use it to improve your life?

How Environment Impacts Our Behaviour

“The researchers summarized the impact of the environment by saying, “In most cases, the majority of people choose the default option to which they were assigned.”

In other words, most of us respond the same way to the cues that surround us. If you see a cookie on the counter – you will probably eat it, and if you hear music – you will start tapping your fingers.

We may think we are in control, but the truth is, our actions are often just a response to the environment.

Guess what? This is good news because you can design your environment for success!

Here’s how…(stay tuned for Part II and find out)

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