Story Telling: The “Why” before “What”

Robert McKee puts it best – “Storytelling is the most powerful way to put ideas into the world.”

Nowhere is this truer than when pitching your business to investors or trying to win over a potential client. Storytelling binds humans together because it is our base form of communication to connect and bond with other individuals. Applying this tactic to your business elevator pitch will help you win others over emotionally. When pitching your idea, help your audience invest in the “why” of your product – the purpose behind what you are selling, before trying to sell them your “what” – the physical product.

To convey the “why,” tell your audience a story of significance. For example, the time you saw a need and meaningfully fulfilled that need by creating your product or service. This helps your audience develop an emotional stake by linking the product to an experience, which allows the audience to get to know you and your product on more than just a business level. This technique contrasts diving directly into an explanation about the product itself.

Storytelling is a timeless, powerful psychological tool that, when used effectively, can win over an audience and help them believe in what you are selling. Focus on the “why” before the “what” to get people on board with what you are trying to sell!

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