How to apply for a China Work Visa ?

A China Work Visa (Z visa) is issued to those who want to work in China and gained employment permit from the Government. The Z visa is usually stamped number of days each stay after entry. Holders of the Z visa should enter China within 90 days after being granted the visa and seek for a temporary residence permit at local public security bureau within 30 days after entry which allow multiple entry for one year.

Below requirements for visa application:

  1. Actual Passport
  • Please submit your actual passport with at least 6 months validity left and one blank page left in it. The visa will be issued in the passport.
  1. Visa Application Form and Photo
  • One form per person.
  • Please fill out and sign the visa application form with a recently taken passport standard photo affixed on it.
  1. Invitation Letter or Confirmation Letter of Invitation
  • Please provide invitation letter issued by duty authorized entity or confirmation letter of invitation issued by relevant Chinese entities.
  • The accompanying children or spouse of the applicants should be listed in the letters mentioned above.
  1. Employer Invitation Letter
  • Please provide an Invitation letter printed on letterhead, issued by your employer including your personal details like name, date of birth, passport number, purpose of visit, and period of employment.
  1. Work Permit (One of the following)
  • Foreigners Employment Permit issued by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security of the PRC.
  • Permit for Foreign Experts (Foreign Experts Certificate) issued by the State Bureau of Foreign Experts of the PRC.
  • Registration Certificate of Resident Representative Offices of enterprises of foreign countries (regions) issued by Chinese authorities of industrial and commercial administration.
  • An approval document for commercial performances issued by the Chinese government authorities for cultural affairs.
  • Invitation Letter to Foreigners for Offshore Petroleum Operations issued by National Offshore Oil Corporation.
  1. Processing Time
  • Usually it take four working days for processing.
  1. Additional Requirement might be requested based on your state of residence
  • The requirement for Chinese visa are mostly the same across different Chinese Consulates, however there maybe some special rules pertaining to different Consulates

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