How To Choose The Right Flowers for The Right Occasions

Right flowers

We give flowers to each other for a number of reasons. They are traditional, fragrant and simply pretty.

But I have to admit that sometimes I have a hard time figuring out what flowerd to get and what the flowers can say.

It turns out that:

Bright-coloured flowers are usually given for birthdays and anniversaries.

Red colour (especially red roses) are associated with love and romance. Other flowers with a romantic subnote are carnations, lilies, orchids, tulips and, surprisingly, sunflowers.

 So what occasion calls for what flowers?


As has been mentioned, birthdays usually call for bright colours. However, throughout time different flowers have been deemed related to different months of the year and represent the character of a person born in a particular month. F.e., someone born in September would receive an aster or morning glory to represent elegance and affection, whereas a lily or a hawthorn represents sweetness, purity and humility and should be given to someone who was born in May.


As we have mentioned, roses are the most popular choice when it comes to expressing love. However different variations may express a  different intensity of romantic emotions. For examples a bouquet of roses convey love and devotion, making them the perfect gift for a wedding or anniversary. A single red rose symbolizes intense and  passionate love, whereas other flowers represent more subtle nuances of love (tulips, carnations, pink and orange roses)

 Flowers to Help Someone Get Well

When we hear someone is sick, it is customary to send bouquets of warm coloured flowers (yellow, orange, pink) and avoid “cold” colours (blue, purple, etc). Spring flowers are exceptionally popular as they represent the renewal of life: daisies, daffodils and buttercups.




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