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True. YouTube is still #1 platform for posting video content. With over 1 billion unique users visiting the website every month and 100 hours of video uploaded every minute  – it is bound to hold its ground for years to come.

But what if you still want more? What other options do you have for expanding your video campaign?

  1. Vimeo

Vimeo gets “only” 70 million unique visitors per month. But it has a number of advantages that may win you over.

Vimeo focuses on encouraging users to upload high definition content and your video will be seen by people who truly value the quality of film.

There is no advertising on Vimeo, which eliminates a lot of distractions and annoyance that often comes from pre-video commercials.

One more feature business-owners will value – Vimeo prevents post-viewing “related videos” to display your competitor’s clips.

But keep in mind, that you will have to play by the rules and invest into a high-quality video to be part of Vimeo!

Consider a paid account. As a paying producer (plans start at $59.95 a year), you’ll be able to customize your video player, add your logo to the top of your videos and take advantage of other premium features.

2.   Vine

We can’t really say that Vine is a video-sharing website. It’s an app that can exist on both your mobile and desktop and is  more suitable for experimenting with short videos (6 seconds or less)

Vine may not be for every company. The time is too short to talk about your history, products, advantages or people…it barely gives you enough time to mention your name. However, it can do wonders for showcasing your company’s personality.  Post often and keep your audience hooked.

3.   Tap Wistia

With Tap Wistia you will need to invest a bit, with the price plans starting from $25 a month.

For the price, Tap Wistia offers you more analytics data and features and allows you to learn how viewers interact about which video.

Another advantage you get for investing in a video platform  – on its video-production page, Wistia offers useful tips on improving your video clips on a budget.

So if you want to focus on your audience, Wistia is the way to go: drive more views, engage followers and make sure you are using analytics to watch your progress.


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