How to Make The Most out of Your Linkedin Presence?

Linkedin Tips

With more than 170 million members across more than 200 countries, Linkedin is #1 online business networking tool. But, surely, you already know that.

What you may find interesting are the 4 Secrets of Linkedin developed by Linkedin networking guru – Sarah Hughes.

And here they come:

Secret #1 – Have a Plan!

Make sure you know who your ideal customer is (industry, title, location, company size and so on). Linkedin Advances Search function is a great way to find your “dream client”, provided you have all the gaps filled in.

Next, make sure you offer a high value product/service relevant to your niche.

If you are confident in your offer, jot down a list of 20-50 of those you’d love to turn into customers.

Finally, use Advanced Search to find them on Linkedin and do your best to build a relationship.

Secret#2 – Create a Magnetic Personal Profile

We all are drawn to interesting and charismatic people. And the rule applies to online as well as offline.

One of the ways to do that is to maximize the use of your headline.

In searches, people will see your name, picture and the first line (located under your name).  Use the first line to describe the BENEFIT of what you do rather than simply saying what you offer.

Note: Did you know that now you can also add a video to your profile for maximum impact?

 Secret #3 – Add Value to Your Connections

 We do not like to be sold to. But we prefer to buy from those we trust, know or simply like.

Make sure that 80% of your shares and messages are value added, as opposed to promotional. Share interesting links, research result or insider tips to build trust among your connections.

Note: Tips are especially effective if they are aimed at the problems your potential customers may experience.

 Secret #4 – Take the Online Offline

 Social media are great for building relationships, but why not support them with more traditional activities, such as a phone call, a dinner invitation or even a letter? As these methods are quite rare these days, they will make you stand out in the eyes of your prospect.


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