How to Open a Company Bank Account in Hong Kong?

Opening a company bank account Hong Kong

So, you have your company registered, and you are planning to setup a bank account.

Ho do you do that?

Step One. CALL and make an appointment at the bank of your choice, since most banks in Hong Kong do not handle walk-in clients for company bank account setup. They also do not handle bank account opening matters on Saturdays.

Step Two. Make sure ALL DIRECTORS of the company are available for the bank appointment. The bank requires to see all the directors on site and witness their signatures.

Step Three. Make sure you have the following documents ready for the appointment:

1. Set of certified true copy of 

Business Registration Certificate

Certificate of Incorporation


Memorandum of Articles

2. Your company round chop and signature chop

3.  Passport original

4. Residential address proof (can be an overseas address, but the bank will ask for proof by the utility bills sent to the address with you name )

5.  An agreement showing your commercial address, e.g. a service agreement or a rental agreement.

* Please be prepared that the bank will have a one off charge of HK$650, as a ‘company search’ fee. And this fee may vary depending on which bank you are opening an account with.

In normal circumstances, the bank will be issuing a company account number to you on the same day and your banking facilities should be ready within 1 week.

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