How To Set Up A Representative Office In Hong Kong

regional office

You have an established company in your own country, but think that Hong Kong presents good business opportunities?

What are you options for exploring business opportunities in Hong Kong?

  1. – You can set up a brand new company
  2. You can set up a branch office. And this is what we’d like to cover in a bit more detail in this blog.

If you want to conduct business in Hong Kong under the name of your existing overseas company – you can set up a representative office.

Bear in mind: if your company’s name is in clash with the name of an exiting Hong Kong company, you will have to adopt another name for your representative office.

So how to set up a representative office?

– You have to register the representative office within one month with the Company Registry and the Inland Revenue Department

– You have to state clearly where in Hong Kong the representative office is located. (So at this point you may consider using our registered office address service)

Bear in mind: with the representative office in Hong Kong you are only allowed to conduct marketing activity. You are not allowed to issue invoices or receive payments.


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