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The time of flying is coming. No, not the magical Quidditch flying (we wish!), but the flying we are all accustomed to.

Whether this summer takes you traveling for business or pleasure, we all want to arrive at our destination well-rested and prepared.

Unfortunately, relaxing and taking a nap on the plane does not come easy to all of us. So what can we do fall asleep in the air?

 Recreate your sleeping habits. Do you sleep on the right side of the bed or left? On you stomach? Side? Back? Choose the seat that will allow you to come as close as possible to your regular sleeping conditions.

Wear something comfortable. If you have an important meeting on arrival, just change into formal wear after you land. Choose soft fabrics and

  Grab an extra pillow (can be one of those U-shaped ones) and use the airport pillow to roll under your knees. You can also use your carry-on as leg rest to help with the limited leg-room problem.

You can not control the scent on the airplane. Food, beverages, a mix of perfumes and that distinct “plane smell. Yes, you can’t control that. But, you can add a drop of lavender oil (or whatever else calms you down) on your pillow or under your nose. That can help you fall asleep faster and will create a nicer ambiance.

Sleep masks are a good way to fall asleep faster and also get a sense of more privacy. But if you are not into them, try putting on a simple cap. This will put shade over your eyes and let you relax away from all the comings and goings on the plane.

Surely, there are a lot of modern appliances, comfort solutions and even medication to help you sleep better. But the best and perhaps, most advanced trick of all – is to control your mind.

Call it meditation or call it something else, but some people have mastered the art of completely tuning out the outside world sleeping peacefully through the whole journey.

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