HSBC Commerical Bank Account Opening Update

What to bring in for HSBC Commercial Bank account setup?
As many of you are still enquiring about the latest requirements from banks, with the FATCA act in action, we’ve decided to write and updated blog on this.
Before you head into the bank for company bank account opening, make sure you call in and book an appointment in advance, walk in clients will not be accepted.  At the same time, all directors and shareholders must show up at the bank appointment.
Make sure you bring in all the following documents with you for the appointment:
1) Identification document and Nationality Proof
 HK Permanent ID card and /or Passport
2) Residential Address proof
Your residential address has to be the same as the the residential address that you used when incorporating the business.
You’ll be needing to show a utility bill or a bank statement with your name on to proof this.
3) Business Address proof
A tenancy agreement of your registered office address or office address
This address must be a HK commercial address
3) Company green Box
This is all the stationary a company needs, including your company chops and common seal, articles of associations
4) Certified version of certificate of Incorporation
5) Certified version of Business Registration Certificate
6) Incorporation form
6) Business plan
Including ownership structure chart,
Source of funds
Product/ services information
Client/ supplier list
financial forecast
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