I Am Applying For The Right of Abode in Hong Kong With No Professional Help. What Documents Should I Provide?



Below is the general list of the documents you will require:

1)  A copy of your resume

2)  A full copy of all passports held during the previous seven year period

3)  Copies of salaries tax returns for the last seven years

4)  Copy of residential tenancy agreements (for renters) or land registry record of your residence (for property owners) for the seven years prior to submitting the application

5)  Copies on utilities bills, bank and credit card statements and other papers which attest to a consistent period of residence in Hong Kong for the requisite seven years.

6)  A copy of your Smart Hong Kong Identity Card

7)  Detailed supporting letter which sets out the chronology of your life in Hong Kong

8)  Statement of Travel Records (HKID form ID697) and,

9)  The ROP 145 and ROP 146 application forms.


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