I Am Planning To Apply For An Employment Visa in Hong Kong. Is There A Minimum Salary Requirement?

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The HKImmD expects a foreigner, seeking an employment visa in Hong Kong to perform, at minimum, supervisory duties.

This calls for an employment that is valued at HKD 200,000 annually.

However, don’t take 200,000, divide it by 12 and aim for a monthly salary of HKD 16, 670.

No, the HKD 200, 000 amounts to the total value of the employment each year.

For example,

Salary  – XXXX

Employer MPF Contribution – XXXX

Guaranteed Bonus – XXXX

Medical Benefits – XXXX

Travel Allowance – XXXX

Meal Allowance – XXXX

Etc – XXXX

Total – 200,000

This provides more flexibility when the monthly cash salary is on the lower end of the scale, but the true cost of employment does reach the threshold for visa approval.

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