IANG visa

I want to share my experience as a fresh graduate from the University of Hong Kong. As a full-time overseas student, I could stay in Hong Kong for employment as a professional under the Immigration Arrangements for Non-local Graduates (IANG).

I was not required to have secured an offer of employment upon application and was granted 12 months’ stay. Graduated in late summer 2016 and applied for IANG shortly before my student visa expired in November 2016.

According to officials, it could take around two weeks to process the application of a fresh grad. In my case, I have received my visa in less than a week. While waiting for the IANG visa approval, I was enjoying Hong Kong, doing sports and sightseeing, as we are not allowed to work “inbetween visas” and are advised not to leave Hong Kong.

The documents required are:
1. ID 990A,
2. a recent photograph,
3. biometric passport page,
4. latest arrival stamp,
5. a copy of the HKID,
6. a copy of the graduation certificate.

Contact us at sales@centreo.hk for more information. Good luck with your application!

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