Inclusive Package: HK Company Incorp, Registered Office, Office Space, Bank Account Opening (Scenario)

A Client today enquired about setting up a business, registering a company address, opening a bank account and using one of our serviced office spaces.

We were able to help the client out with the most cost effective solution. As she was just starting off her new company, our HKCI service provided her with all the right documents to legally own a limited business and provided all the files needed to open a company bank account. We then offered the option of cowork space which was a cheaper and more flexible idea as she had to travel quite often rather than using a 1-3 person office room. The registered address automatically is included in the cowork space contract (as it would be with our serviced offices) which gave her all the relevant materials to kick start her up and coming business.

All of our packages are all inclusive, which saves you time and money from realizing the hidden costs that many other business centre services have.

If you would like to know more about this subject area or enquire about these services, email: or tel: 3124 2888 for more details.


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